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Probably the cherry is native of the Northeast of Asia, where it is cultivated in many areas since prehistoric times.

It is said instead that the cherry tree has been brought from the East by the Roman general Lucullus, who planted it in the garden of his villa.

Cherry grows on the cherry tree (Prenus avium), a tree that can reach an height of 20 meters (even if the producers can keep it at a lower height to facilitate harvesting) and during spring it’s covered with beautiful white flowers. Fruits have rounded shape, they are fleshy and juicy, with smooth skin: cherries are attached to long and thin stems attached in groups to the bark.

The cherry tree is divided into two distinct species: sweet or sour fruit. The sweet cherry gives two different types of fruits: hard ones and tender ones. The hard cherries (duroni) have crunchy and hard pulp and blackish red or white colour, while the tender cherries have soft and juicy pulp and black or red colour.

APOVF offers a wide range of cherries, including the Cherry of Marostica IGP, thanks to the association of producers in various production areas of Veneto.