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Peaches and nectarines are grouped in several varieties, depending on color and pulp. Peaches with yellow pulp are defined in the following varieties: Dixired, Elegant Lady, Fayette, Flavorcrest, Glohaven, Maycrest, Mernì Gem Free 1, Red Haven, Spring Lady, Springbell, Springcrest, Suncrest. Peaches with white pulp are defined in the following varieties: Duchessa d'Este, Iris Rosso, Maria Bianca, Rossa di San Carlo. As for the yellow-pulp nectarines, the characterizing varieties are: Early Sungrand, Fantasia, Flavortop, Indipendence, Maria Aurelia, Maria Emilia, Maria Laura, May Grand, Nectaross, Sprin Red, Stark Redgold, Venus, Weimberger. White pulp nectarines are defined by the variety “Caldesi 2000”.